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DAY 12 DIARY - My Capsule Kitchen

Good morning. It's Day 12 and I'm feeling good about this week (apart from a slight aberration when I had a bit too much wine - I blame you LC!), but otherwise it has been Nutri Foods and Carb Sense all the way. Pictured is my breakfast this morning; porridge was a very popular breakkie option on the Instgram poll I did recently which is fab because it's a brilliant incarnation of both Nutri Foods and Carb Sense - totally nutritious, good slow release energy and lots of fibre (fibre is one of my 'things', I'll blog about it soon).

To finish off the week I thought it might be useful for me to share with you my 'capsule kitchen' which is really just a poncey way of saying the ingredients I try and always have in, so I can easily make a range of healthy meals. With these basics in the fridge and cupboard it's just a question of topping up with extra bits which I can do after my gym class in the morning or if I'm not going to the gym then I'll try and engineer a walk out to the shops at some stage in the day - I just pop a rucksack on my back to carry the stuff home (people think I'm weird because it's so hot here in Singapore but I really love walking - must be another midlife thing!!!).

So in no particular order (I'm leaving out really obvious things like butter, milk, salt and pepper because I figure everyone has those):

[Click here for printable version]


Lots of Eggs

Cheese - feta, Parmesan, strong cheddar

Greek yogurt


Miso paste


(This is just the stuff I have as back up, the fish or meat we are eating for dinner I'll buy as I need it)

Deli ham (off the bone - get at the deli counter)

Cooked chicken breast (free range or organic) - great for a quick salad or wrap

Smoked mackerel - love this on salad or I make smoked mackerel pate - see below


Freshly baked wholegrain bread - buy the good stuff from a proper bakery if you can

Wholemeal pitas/wraps/flatbreads - try and get ones that aren't packed with preservatives, these are good Crosta-Mollica-Organic-Piadina-Flatbreads

Jars & Bottles





Good quality peanut butter (100% peanuts)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic rapeseed oil

Sesame oil

Low salt soy sauce

Apple cider vinegar

Red wine vinegar

Balsamic vinegar

Rice (white) vinegar

Maple syrup

Date syrup


Dijon mustard (grainy and smooth)

Fruit & Veg

Romaine lettuce

Spinach leaves



Red peppers


Green beans






Red onions

Spring onions

Red and green chillis



Anything that's in season (see here for northern hemisphere and here for southern)

Fresh herbs - always coriander and flat leaf parsley and usually one other - mint, dill, basil depending on what I'm making that week


Mixed berries

Frozen veg - peas, sweetcorn, edamame

Good quality soups - either homemade or shop bought

An emergency pizza!


Organic oats

Brown rice

Wholewheat pasta

Wholegrain noodles or soba (buckwheat) noodles

Bulgar wheat (like cous cous but better)

Dried lentils

Tins of beans and pulses - chickpeas, cannellini, pinto, black beans etc.

Pouches of pre-cooked lentils and grains (such as Merchant Gourmet)

Baked beans (for the kids breakfasts)

Tinned tuna (in water or extra virgin oo)

Sardines in tomato sauce (an easy lunch on grainy toast)

Tins of chopped tomatoes (I like Cirio brand)


Soft dried figs

Low sugar granola (I make my own sugar-free version), or muesli

Raw nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts)

Raw seeds (flax, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame)

Salted peanuts

70% dark chocolate

Dried Herbs & Spices





Garam masala

Mild curry powder

Hot chilli powder or cayenne

Red chilli flakes


Cardamom pods

Star Anise

Mixed dried herbs


Sparkling water

FeverTree 'Refreshingly Light' tonic water

With these things 'in da house' there are loads of options for a healthy meal - including what is known in our family as a 'snacky plate' - essentially just an assembly of items; mine would look something like ... a few oat cakes, a dried fig, a bit of cheese, some cornichons, some chopped up veggies maybe a bit of smoked mackerel pate (mix smoked mackerel with Greek yogurt, lemon juice, spring onions and any fresh herb you have knocking around), that sort of thing.

I hope my blog posts this week have helped you get your head around Nutri Foods and Carb Sense. These two StealthHealth key concepts are absolutely central to getting your shizzle together in the kitchen and with a few simple ingredients you are never more than 5 minutes away from a delicious, healthy meal.

Now I'm going to practice what I preach ... the back pack is on and I'm heading out to the shops.

Sam xx

Have I missed a massive trick? Is there one ingredient you couldn't live without? Please let me know in the comments!

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Fabulous blog. Taken some great screen shots to make my shopping easier but was chuffed to see having followed your tips in your book I am on top of most of it. I have two items I always have in. Eggplant and sweet potatoes 😊


Going to keep a copy of this on my phone at all times so when I'm wandering the aisles aimlessly I have a handy reminder of what to get!


Sam Rice
Sam Rice
Apr 28, 2019

The snacky plate rules!!! 🙌


Loving your blog and have recommended it to friends. It's a refreshing no nonsense guide to healthy eating and improving your health...just like your book. I'm the Queen of Snacky Plates in our house and can rustle up a feast within minutes from items in the fridge and cupboards. Oatcakes, cheese, hummus, cherry tomatoes, peppers, conichons, olives and grapes are a favourite in our house. It's a good superpower to have 😁


Sam Rice
Sam Rice
Apr 26, 2019

Yes good tip, and you've now got me craving custard 😂😂😂

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