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Welcome to my new blog, StealthHealth

StealthHealth is the new blog from me, Sam Rice, better known on Instagram as @midlifekitchen, which was also the name of my first cookbook co-written with my good buddy the super-talented writer Mimi Spencer (of The Fast Diet fame). I've been living that book for the last two years and over that period something has started to emerge, for want of a better word, my 'philosophy' for healthy living, which I call StealthHealth.

We all want to be healthy don't we? In fact it can seem like the planet has gone 'HEALTH MAD' - all that gooping and biohacking and generally taking it all a bit too seriously. I for one am a bit sick of those super-smug types you see on the social, flashing their lycra-clad glutes and supplementing themselves to within an inch of their lives - what is that about???

Well you won't find any of that here! I'm sure, like me, you have a finite amount of energy and enthusiasm for thinking about what to cook and eat and for making sure you get the requisite exercise in. I totally get it! My body has never been a temple but equally I don't want it to be a flappy tent either! So that's where StealthHealth comes in.

Health should be a backdrop to our lives, not an all-encompassing pursuit, an aggressive monkey on our shoulder punishing or rewarding us with every mouthful we eat. Here's a thought, what if actually having that glass of red or the odd choccie bar was a good thing!? I don't mean it's the healthiest thing you can put in your stomach but surely we need to think beyond what is strictly physically healthy. What about the mental benefits of enjoying what you eat, or the social aspects of having a glass of wine with a friend? Health is an holistic thing - we need to consider our overall well-being and not get hung up with cutting out carbs, or drinking green juice or popping probiotics.

StealthHealth is grown-up, joined-up thinking when it comes to what we eat and how we live our lives. A little bit of what you fancy does you good, so let's be kind to ourselves, we CAN have our cake and eat it! I'm going to show you, via this blog, how to foster a better relationship with food focusing on the things you can eat, not the things you can't with the aim of improved, long-term health and weight management.

If I am speaking your language then stick around. Over the next 4 weeks I'm going to be sharing the StealthHealth programme with you which introduces 8 'tools', new habits if you like, that will have a positive impact on your diet and your waistline. Beyond that, I'm hoping this blog will become a community for sharing thoughts, ideas, favourite recipes and other practical top tips for easy, healthy living. I've got all sorts of ideas for the future, a book, an app and who knows, maybe even a product range!

But I need your help to make this happen. Please subscribe below so you don't miss any of my future posts and most importantly tell your friends - this space is for anyone who wants to be a bit healthier but without it taking over their lives.

Thanks for being here - let's do this!

Sam xx

P.S. You can also follow me @midlifekitchen on Instagram where I will be posting photos and stories on all things StealthHealth.

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