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How’s Jodi Getting On? – The Midlife Method Week 3

Jodi and me. Pre-pandemic!

Hello, from my desk in Dubai! We’ve only got another 3 nights here until we can (negative covid tests permitting) fly home to Singapore. What a marathon it has been and we still have 14 nights hotel quarantine to do once we get there. It will be a huge challenge sticking to the plan while locked in a hotel room, so wish me luck!

In the meantime how are you getting on? If you’ve been giving The Midlife Method a bash this month I hope you are seeing some results. Jodi has kindly been updating me on her progress, let’s hear how she got on in Week 3.

Week 3 went very quickly! It was lovely to have 3 Regular Days and I really enjoyed my glass of fizz on Friday and Saturday nights. [Recap, on Regular Days we are aiming for approx. 1600 calories – I find this very doable and often I don’t even use up my whole calorie allowance! I think it’s one of the beauties of The Midlife Method that you don’t have to give up the things you love, like a glass of wine – Sam].

In some ways though, I found it a bit harder this week. I found myself craving chocolate and snacks, which I haven't really experienced until now. It wasn't hunger, more just craving sweetness, and general munchies. Anyhow, I managed it by eating your suggested healthy snack of frozen dates stuffed with peanut butter (delicious, though at 100 cals each not on a Light Day!). Also, yogurt helps, which I do love, and fruit. [This is absolutely textbook that Week 3 suddenly feels harder, the first two weeks you can be swept along by the novelty of the new recipes and the lifestyle changes you are making but of course, we are constantly beset by opportunities to eat crap and part of this process is learning to manage our cravings. It sounds like you have done a great job Jodi and the snacks you've been having are spot on. See p42/43 for some more healthy snack ideas. – Sam]

I wonder if it was harder because I did the 4 Light Days consecutively Monday-Thurs to coincide with my working days, rather than 2 Light, 1 Regular, 2 Light, 2 Regular as you suggested in the plan for Week 3. I Will follow the pattern you suggest in the Midlife Method for Week 4. [I am certain that was a factor Jodi. I designed the plan carefully to be as doable as possible. 4 consecutive Light Days in Week 3 is a tough call! - Sam]

The best recipe this week was the Potato, Leek & Fennel Soup with Stilton (p150). And the whole family enjoyed the Quickest Ever Spinach & Chickpea Curry (p206), which I added a bit of chicken to, as my sons are such carnivores! [It's absolutely fine to customise the recipes so that you can all eat as a family. In terms of the calories, if you make any additions to the recipes flick to the Appendix on p287 which gives the calorie counts of most foods which will help you stick to the calorie allowances – not such a big deal on a Regular Day, a bit more important on a Light Day. – Sam]

Jodi meal planning - it's the key to success!

The three weeks have flown by so far. I’ve done my meal planning already for Week 4. I'm really looking forward to the Salmon Tray Bake with Pak Choy & Noodles (p228), and I’ve already made my Carrot, Lemon & Ginger Soup (p146) ready for weekday lunches. [Awesome, as I say on repeat, meal planning is the key to successful weight management. We just cannot expect to eat well when we are doing it on the fly, so really well done and I hope it’s a habit that sticks. - Sam]

So hats off to Jodi, she stuck with it this week even though it was tough going at times but as she heads into Week 4 I think it’s going to be a piece of cake with just the 3 Light Days. And talking of cake why not try making my delicious Apple & Raspberry Cake (p246) on one of those Regular Days?

I can’t wait to hear from Jodi next week for her final summary and weigh in! You’ve got this girl.

Sam x

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