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DAY 4 DIARY - The Freedom of Choice

So my daughter has developed patellar tendonitis out of the blue (that's a sore knee knob to you and I) and so today, and for the foreseeable future, I will be helping her to school in a taxi (we don't have a car and she usually goes on the bus), none of which you really need to know except that when we arrived this morning it was buzzing - the school has around 2500 kids and WOW kids are noisy!

At 8.05 the bell went and immediately I got a knot in the pit of my stomach - it sounded exactly like the bell at my old catholic state school in Norwich way back in the late 80s. Telling eh, that I had such a visceral reaction? Suffice to say I didn't enjoy that school much. But then, almost as quickly, I realised I am 49 years old and I don't actually go to school anymore! I have a choice and immediately all my insides relaxed. No one is going to make me stay here, as it happens I then went straight to the cafe (they have an actual Starbucks-style cafe at their school, it's posh 'ere in Singapore!) and wrote this blog post.

So what on earth has this got to do with StealthHealth and the 28 day programme? Well my point is that choice is a luxury, it's freedom, it's liberating. This week we are focusing on Breakfast is Best (having a great breakkie to set us up for the day) and Eating with Awareness (trying to make more positive food choices the rest of the day), both of these key concepts allow us to choose what we are eating and drinking. That, honestly, is a really, really good thing. We are lucky enough to have a choice.

This choice thing becomes even more fantastic when you realise that it works both ways. We can also choose to eat something simply because we enjoy it, even if it isn't strictly speaking 'healthy'. It depends on what our goals are at that particular moment. This week, because it's the start of this blog and frankly I was a bit porky after 2 weeks of nacho-munching in Canada, my goal is to reign it in and lose a few kg. I'm really committed to having those healthy breakfasts, nutritious meals, not snacking too much and minimising the booze. It feels good, this is want I want to do, at this point in time it's my choice.

However, tonight I'm going out and I am absolutely going to have a couple of margaritas (the best cocktail bar none IMHO), that is also a conscious choice. I will have them, enjoy them and not feel the slightest jot of guilt about it. In the context of a diet (and by that I mean what one eats, not a 'diet') that overall is balanced and healthy a couple of cocktails is fine, in fact I would go so far as to say they are essential. I haven't done much socially this week so I feel the need for human engagement and I love the little buzz that comes with that first drink. This is the right choice not just in terms of what's strictly physically healthy but what is good for me in a more holistic sense - and for my sanity!

I cannot state firmly enough how the concept of choice can be a positive force in reaching your health and weight loss goals. It's empowering (not a big fan of that word but you know what I mean). You really can have your cake and eat it.

Thanks for reading. If you like my blog please tell your friends I'd love to grow the StealthHealth community and if you have any thoughts or ideas please comment below. I read every single one.

Sam xx

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