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DAY 11 DIARY - My Typical Food Day

Image from The Midlife Kitchen copyright Issy Croker

One of things I am loving about blogging (I'm only 11 days in mind you!) is that it's so interactive, I love getting your comments, emails and messages on Instagram. Jane, one of my subscribers asked if I could do a detailed post on what my typical food day looks like, it's a great idea so here goes.

Breakfast: As you all know I am a major breakfast fanatic so I NEVER skip it. We have an early start on school days, 6.15 alarm (groan!) and usually eat breakfast about 6.45 which is earlier than I would choose but I really like us to eat breakfast as a family. Today I had toasted sourdough with avocado, lemon juice, grated parmesan and spicy seeds. I only drink water at breakfast and I ALWAYS have coffee (white no sugar). The kids don't like avotoast so they had the sourdough with peanut butter and Bonne Maman raspberry jam (the best!).

Snacks: As a general rule I don't snack unless I have done some exercise or I'm having one of those really hungry hormonal days. Today I did a Pop Pilates class so I took a mini banana and some nuts with me to have after class - I was going to the coffee shop to do some work after the gym and I didn't want to be tempted by the almond croissants! I had my usual americano with milk and made it last nearly an hour and a half (they must hate me!!). I've stopped drinking lattes because it adds up to way too many cals given that I have 2-3 coffees a day!

Lunch: Back home for an earlyish lunch (honestly when you have breakfast at 6.45 lunch has to come a bit sooner). I usually have leftovers for lunch - good tip: always make way more than is necessary as leftovers are the bomb when it comes to quick healthy lunches. Today I had some leftover black bean fritters click here for recipe:

which I ate with a simple salad of grated carrot and raisins dressed with red wine vinegar. I'm a bit rubbish at remembering to drink water so I have a whopping glass whenever I eat something. See pic!

Dinner: We eat usually about 6.30 as a family, no phones allowed (well apart from to take photos obviously!!!). As my husband and I largely work from home this is doable, it's not so easy if you work outside the home or have younger kids who may need to eat earlier but with older kids (mine are 17 and 12) it's often the only face to face contact we have in the day! Dinners are the most challenging meal because my husband like me loves veggie food, the daughter is pescatarian and the son is a full-on carnivore. Tonight we had baked salmon with zehug (a fabulous tomato relish - it's in The Midlife Kitchen if you own a copy), mixed stir-fried veg in garlic and brown rice (with a tsp of turmeric added to cooking water).

And that was it for food today. On another day though I may well have a booze craving or get the night munchies so if this happens ...

Booze: I love a drink but at the moment I am trying to reign it in so I'm only drinking socially. What I'm doing when that 6pm G&T craving hits is to have a glass of FeverTree Refreshingly Light Tonic water with ice and a slice but no actual gin. It works, sort of!

Evening munchies: If I have a post-dinner snack attack I'll often have a bit of dark choc and a few salted peanuts, it's a bit like a grown-up Snickers bar!!

So that's a really typical day for me. I hope that gives you an idea of how I keep my meals balanced and my energy levels up. Very importantly, at no point in the day did I feel like I was depriving myself of anything - well maybe just a bit with the almond croissant but I'll save that for the weekend! As I always say, nothing is completely off limits!!

Sam xx

PS. If you are enjoying the blog please be sure to tell your friends. The best way to grow a blog is via recommendation so if you have any mates you think would like a bit of Stealth Health encouragement please pass on my invitation to subscribe. Thanks x.

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Sam Rice
Sam Rice
Apr 25, 2019

Next week is weight loss week on the blog so that should help you. Snacking is really habitual and we often do it when we are a bit bored so good to distract yourself with something else. Also try having a drink instead, often we think we are hungry but we are actually thirsty!


Thank you so much for posting this Sam it’s a great help. I too am trying to lose a few kilos but sometimes I think I under eat and then am so ravenous the next day I’m forever looking for and snacking on food. So end up undoing all the “good work”from the previous day! I made the uncookies last night actually and they are delicious. X


Sam Rice
Sam Rice
Apr 25, 2019

I do not think you are alone!!! Other evening snacks I have sometimes - oatcakes, soft dried figs, a couple of tbsp of Greek yogurt with some honey, I make Uncookies sometimes (a bit like energy balls - recipe is in the book) one of these with a cup of tea is good!!


Thank you for sharing your typical food day. I love your blog and find it encouraging. I eat quite healthily and exercise moderately but my main problem are evening munchies! We eat early as a family and after kids have gone to bed I am always hungry! Now I’ve stooped having a drink in the week it’s even worse! Having lots of popcorn ... any other suggestions are very welcome! Thanks

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